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Shivani Mishra

Founder and Director of CUREYA

Experience: 3+ years


Shivani Mishra is a highly motivated individual with a strong educational background and a passion for healthcare. She is a B.Tech (Hons) graduate and an aspirant for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exams. Shivani is the visionary behind CUREYA, an organization she founded to address the rising healthcare costs and information asymmetry prevalent in India and globally.

Background and Inspiration

Shivani's journey began in the field of engineering, where she gained valuable insights into technical skills and advancements in technology. However, she had always been passionate about healthcare and was determined to solve the pressing issues faced by people in India and around the world. Particularly inspired by the problem statement of the escalating healthcare expenditures and information asymmetry, Shivani recognized the need to make a difference.

Founding CUREYA

Motivated by the desire to transition from preparing for entrance exams to actively solving national and global healthcare challenges, Shivani embarked on the journey to establish CUREYA (CURE YOU ALL). The organization's primary focus lies in healthcare cost analysis to promote informed decision-making among patients. CUREYA aims to empower individuals with the necessary information and tools to navigate the complex healthcare landscape, making healthcare more accessible, affordable, and transparent for all.

With Shivani Mishra at the helm, CUREYA is set to revolutionize the healthcare industry by championing data-driven solutions, advocating for equitable healthcare policies, and providing support to individuals burdened by exorbitant healthcare costs.

Shivani's passion for healthcare.

According to WHO, high expenditure on health is impoverishing 55 million Indians annually.

Over 17 percent of households in India incur catastrophic levels of health expenditures every year.

India's current public expenditure on healthcare is only around 1.28% of GDP, which is significantly lower than the global average of 6%.

Shivani showcased her leadership abilities by managing and overseeing a team of more than 100 members. She established efficient organisational processes, structures, and systems to streamline operations across various departments, including Business Development, Sales, Marketing, HR, Social Media Brand Building, and more.

Through her efforts, Shivani successfully built a strong online presence for CUREYA on LinkedIn, accumulating over 31,000 followers. Additionally, she established a community of more than 100 women founders in India, fostering support, empowerment, and collaboration among women entrepreneurs.

Key Achievements

Shivani Mishra successfully organised placement drives for prestigious institutes such as IITs, IIMs, and other renowned educational institutions. This involved coordinating with these institutes and facilitating recruitment processes for companies.

As part of her responsibilities, Shivani provided training and internship opportunities to over 1500 candidates. These programmes aim to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in their respective fields.

Shivani is actively engaged in building collaborations and partnerships to foster growth and development. Her efforts involved identifying and establishing strategic alliances with key stakeholders, organisations, and institutions.

Shivani demonstrated a keen understanding of the market by conducting comprehensive research and analysis. This enabled her to identify emerging trends, consumer preferences, and market demands, thus guiding the organisation's decision-making process.

Shivani played a pivotal role in driving technical product development and research initiatives. Her expertise and insights contributed to the creation of innovative solutions within the healthcare industry.

Shivani actively participated in various communities, including the Google Women Founders Community, the Stanford Rebuild Community, and Y Combinator. These communities provided a platform for networking, learning, and collaborating with like-minded individuals and organisations.

Awards and Recognition

Received certification of Successful Women Entrepreneur at women felicitation program, amrit mahotsav, Chaired by Dr. Kavita Bhatnagar (IRS) commissioner at CGST commissionerate G.B. Nagar.

Awarded "Iconic Leaders, Creating a Better World for All" by Women Economic Forum (WEF).

Invited to speak on panel discussion "Innovation and Startups Developed and Linkage with Innovation Ambassadors for Mentoring Support" at WEF summit.

Attended conferences and events as a delegate, including

MSME conference on women Entrepreneurs

FICCI INDIA RUSSIA ( Moscow Region )

DUBAI -INDIA Gateway to the world- organized by CII

TIE-CON DELHI -NCR ( fostering Entrepreneurship)

Startup Kumbh - G20 -DIA ( Digital innovation Alliance)- MeitY Startup Hub Multisectoral Business Mission of Russian companies to India

Women Transforming India Awards 2019 ( organized by UN- India, NITI Aayog, WEP)

Franco - German Partnership in the 19th Century

IACC - 15th Indo- US Economic Summit ( Americas and India Roadmap for Collaboration )

UP Investors summit