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Bhavini Gudhka

Nutrition Consultant

Experience: 6+ years


Bhavini Gudhka is a dedicated nutritionist based in Vapi, Gujarat. Her passion lies in promoting plant-based diets to enhance overall health and well-being.


RDN - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (Area of certification, Company N - if applicable) CO-AUTHOR OF "Hormonal Harmony"


July 2018 - Current

Nutrition Consultant, Bhavini Gudhka, Vapi

Managed multiple nutritional educational groups to elevate client nutrition knowledge.

Provided comprehensive information on nutritional care to optimize health.

Collaborated with physicians and healthcare professionals to assess the nutritional needs and dietary restrictions of clients.

Coached individuals on effective dietary plans for managing chronic diseases.

Developed clear and concise meal and exercise plans tailored to specific dietary requirements and medical conditions.

Counseled clients on various nutrition-related concerns, including obesity, eating disorders, tube feeding management, failure to thrive, and feeding dysfunction.

Co-author the book "Hormonal Harmony."

Bhavini Gudhka's expertise and dedication have led her to co-author the book "Hormonal Harmony." Her contributions in the field of nutrition and her understanding of hormonal balance have enriched the content of this insightful resource. The book aims to provide valuable insights and guidance for achieving hormonal balance through nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Bhavini's commitment to promoting health and well-being, combined with her passion for plant-based nutrition, makes her a trusted partner in empowering individuals on their health journeys. Through her personalized approach and extensive knowledge, she continues to positively impact the lives of her clients, helping them achieve harmony in their hormones and overall well-being.