Roles and responsbilities

  1. Research and Generate lists of potential customers.
  2. Provide input on customer brief, presentation and sales literature.
  3. Help develop client relationships and retain existing accounts.
  4. Assists in evaluating new sponsorship opportunities.
  5. Learn and Apply sales technique.
  6. Maintain sales records.
  7. Collaborate on annual marketing planning.
  8. Collect quantitative and qualitative data from marketing compaigns.
  9. Perform market analysis and research on competition
  10. Support the marketing team in daily administrative tasks.
  11. Assists team members with the creation of content for social media platforms.
  12. Help in the creation and editing of content for then blog and newsletter.
  13. Help distribute marketing materials.
  14. Manage and update company databases and customer relationship management systems(CRM).

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