Roles and responsbilities

  1. Analyzing business operations and strategies to identify new opportunities.
  2. Identifying cost reductions to increase sales revenue.
  3. Reportings findings and obtaining approval from senior management, when required.
  4. Adding value to Product offerings to increase sales.
  5. Evaluating and improving sales Strategies, as well as identify new customers.
  6. Writting proposals with other departments to align strategies.
  7. Analyzing customerbehaviour to meet product demand and preferences.
  8. Performing competitor anasysis toward an increased market share.
  9. Implementing efficient customer cummunication and feedback channels.
  10. Identifying and negotiating sales deals that promote sustained income.
  11. Operations
  12. Ensure all operations are carried on in an appropriate cost-effective way.
  13. Improve operational management systems, processes and best practices.
  14. Purchase materials, plan inventory and oversee warehouse efficiency.
  15. Help the organization's processes remain legally complain.
  16. Formulate Strategic and o[perational objectives.
  17. Perform quality controls and Monitors productions KPIs.
  18. Recruit, train and supersive staff.
  19. Find way to increase the quality od customer service.

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